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Remanufacturing / Refurbishing

Take full advantage of the potential in your older equipments through remanufacturing / refurbishing. Restore productivity, capitalize on new technology, and save significantly over the purchase of a new equipment. With our expertise in heavy equipments especially forklifts and cranes, you can trust us for all your remanufacturing needs.

Why Remanufacture / Refurbish?

There are many reasons to remanufacture / refurbish: continuous maintenance and repair problems, escalating owning and operating costs, diminished trade or retail value, retaining your old equipment for its unique capabilities, restoring performance and productivity. But most often it comes down to simple economics - the cost to repair verses replace. Remanufacturing is a cost-effective way to restore your aged equipment at a fraction of the price of a new machine, often saving you upto 40% verses new.

40% or MORE


Once we define the scope of work, the remanufacturing process is comprehensive. All critical phases of the remanufacturing are developed by our technical team, then reviewed, approved and inspected by senior representatives. All major components are totally disassembled, cleaned, repaired or replaced to meet OEM specifications. All bearings, seals and bushings are replaced with genuine OEM replacement parts. Finally, the machine is thoroughly inspected and tested to assure it meets or exceeds customer expectations.


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